About Us

Tin Hill Capital is a banking infrastructure development company investing in, incubating, and operating trade and working capital related initiatives.

We specialise in using technology and structured trade finance solutions to create more credit capacity in an environment where the cost of capital is ever increasing.

Headquartered in Singapore, we are committed to a strong public-private partnership approach and collaborate with a network of financial institutions, public sector agencies, trade facilitators and industry associations to deliver tangible benefits to the real economy.

Our Approach

Public-Private Partnership

We believe in close collaboration with the public sector to meet the challenges and needs of the market. In that way, our industry expertise, innovation and competitive advantage can be delivered together with policy and regulatory developments.

Industry Development

We believe in projects with industry-wide benefits and application. We delight in broad engagement that brings together all stakeholders within a sector to deliver truly impactful innovations for our industry ecosystem and to encourage adoption.

Long Horizon

Our choice of business and partnership model requires a long-term view on all our projects. We adopt a disciplined and patient approach to our investment and operating philosophy to ensure sustainable commercialisation.


We seek out projects that reinforce each other and have an ability to integrate with each other and into the wider ecosystem.

Leveraging Technologies

We are excited about rapid advances in technology and we will assess every opportunity to adopt relevant cutting-edge developments with a firm foot in time-tested industry techniques.

Our Team


Tan Kah Chye

Mr. Tan Kah Chye serves as an independent board member and advisor for a select number of global organizations including International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy and Markham Rae LLP.

Most recently, Kah Chye was the Chairman of the ICC Banking Commission, the leading industry body for the establishment of Trade Finance standards and policies. Under his leadership, ICC introduced the ICC Trade Finance Register to assist the industry in formulating the right Basel III capital adequacy policy. Kah Chye also co-founded the ICC Academy to provide industry leading business education.

With over 20 years of banking and asset management experience in Singapore, Frankfurt and London, Kah Chye’s career has included global P&L responsibilities at institutions including JPM Chase, Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank and Citibank. Mr. Tan also notably led the successful development of the world’s first synthetic securitization of trade finance assets.


George Lee

George was most recently with International Enterprise Singapore, an agency of the Government of Singapore, where he led the Consumer Sector, Talent Development and Trade Finance policy teams. During this time he also contributed as an Academic Committee member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy and as a member of the Government of Singapore’s inter-agency Trade Finance Working Committee.

Mr Lee has spent over 17 years in policy development, strategic and P&L roles in international trade, banking and technology organizations. His career has included roles at companies including Fullerton Financial Holdings and Accenture, with operating and greenfield experience in Singapore, Malaysia, the UAE, and Indonesia.

Our Board of Advisors

Alexander R. Malaket, CITP

OPUS Advisory Services International Inc

Gerald Lim

CEO Southeast Asia and
Trade Credit & Political Risks Asia, Marsh


Capital & Credit Risk Manager

The global landscape for trade and trade finance is continuing to evolve rapidly. Erratic market growth and regulatory changes combined with rapid technological development bring both challenges and opportunity. The trade finance institutions of tomorrow will need to embrace these changes with new tools but with a firm foundation in time-tested techniques like the Master Risk Participation Agreement (MRPA). The Capital & Credit Risk Manager enables financial institutions to link their needs with a modern solution.

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